GTTI Skilled Trades Institute is taking the necessary safety precautions and is continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation as guided by the federal and provincial public health authorities, as well as York Region authorities. For more information, please contact us.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is our governing body as a not-for-profit. The individuals who sit on the our board are responsible for overseeing the GTTI The Training Centre and GTTI Skilled Trades Institute’s  activities. Our board members meet monthly to discuss and vote on the affairs of the both divisions.

Elected Board

  • Sean Bell, Vice Chair
  • John De Faveri, Past Chair
  • Carr Hatch, Treasurer
  • Sharon Russell, Secretary

  • Susan Wansbrough

  • Iain Donnell 

  • Peter Tarpe

Appointed Board

  • Anne Pegg, South Lake Community Futures 

  • Dan Fellini, Town of Georgina

  • Karyn Stone, Town of Georgina

  • Dan Gillis, York Region District School Board, SDHS Principal

  • Jim Beachy, Georgina Chamber of Commerce

  • Luigino Paonessa, York Catholic District School Board

Current Committees

  • Finance

  • Human Resources

  • Marketing & Fundraising

  • GTTI Skilled Trades Institute

GTTI Program Advisory Committees