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January 22, 2021 By: Mike Anderson

It’s not easy to make a midlife career change, let alone during a pandemic.

But for Pat Lamanna, 38, who recently lost his job as a barber in Barrie, there’s no turning back.

Mr. Lamanna is one of 108 students learning a skilled trade at Georgina’s new GTTI Skilled Trades Institute, which opened its doors earlier this month.

“I lost my job due to Covid,” said Mr. Lamanna, who supports a wife and two children, and found the institute through an online search.

“This is basically a life turnaround. They are giving me a second chance. I’m here today, starting a new career and a new life.”

Mr. Lamanna, who is taking a 26-week flooring course, said the big selling point for him was the offer of free tuition.

“Normal semester tuition is $9,000. And your textbooks will start at $3,600. Here the costs are almost nothing,” he said.

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