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Program Advisory Committees

Supported by the Provincial and Municipal Governments, GTTI’s Skilled Trades Institute was established in March 2020 to encourage more people to consider a career in the Residential Construction trades.

Our FREE, 26-week, full-time program, plus an 8-week paid placement for the compulsory trades, is designed to train up to 240 students each year in eight different trades while constructing affordable modular homes. Students will receive additional training in Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Working at Heights, Site Safety, Soft Skills, Customer Service, and more.

The Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development requires us to form an advisory committee for each pre-apprenticeship program, to ensure curriculum quality and student success. Committee members are an external selection of exceptional leaders in their fields with a diversity of program-related experience and expertise. 

 Program Advisory Committees (PAC) are critical to our success for a few reasons, and if you’re interested in participating, you’ll be helping to ensure our pre-apprenticeship programs remain current and relevant to the standards and expectations of YOUR industry!

As a PAC Member, you’ll be:

  1. Advising our team on the skills, knowledge, technology, and materials that are needed to be successful in your industry and trade.
  2. Actively participating in program and curriculum reviews.
  3. Identifying potential resources that can help improve our programs, delivery models, and our student experience.
  4. Leveraging your industry resources to help ensure program, student, and ultimately industry success.
  5. Helping to develop the future tradespeople of tomorrow.
  6. Fulfilling your employment needs by guiding us in training your future workforce.

Join Our Program Advisory Committee

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Help Us Build Bright Futures


If you would like to become a committee member, you’ll bring your insight into labour force requirements in relation to construction and skilled trades, and you’re willing to volunteer a small amount of your time to the committee to ensure its success (two meetings, scheduled bi-annually for approximately two years).