GTTI Skilled Trades Institute is taking the necessary safety precautions and is continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation as guided by the federal and provincial public health authorities, as well as York Region authorities. For more information, please contact us.


There are many Skilled Trades Training programs available, but the learning atmosphere, and the dedication and passion of your instructors can make a big difference in your success.

Our residential construction trades and training programs at GTTI Skilled Trades Institute (GTTI-STI) are offered at our Jackson’s Point campus and are designed to lead students directly into employment opportunities. We combine theoretical trades training with hands-on production of fully serviced, finished bungalows to be sold as affordable housing. 

We will assist successful applicants interested in entering the field, with basic knowledge and proficiencies in home design, planning and building. Our 26-week programs have been developed to encompass essential skills and applied skills development to prepare our students for further education/training and employment.

GTTI-STI works very closely with our industry partners to ensure our programming is relevant and meets the demands of current and anticipated labour demands. This allows many of our students to move directly into the workforce after completing their programs.  

Our programs will be offered twice per year, with a January and July intake. Students in our skilled trades programs receive high quality instruction, great service, and a solid foundation on which to build their career in the trades. The shortage of qualified workers in York Region means our graduates leave with the skills they need for immediate employment.

Download more information about our programs: GTTI Skilled Trades Institute Program Poster

Why choose GTTI Skilled Trades Institute programs?

Tuition is FREE and we offer students various supports to ensure they can focus on training. We also offer additional safety and soft skills training so students are job-ready when they graduate. 

We offer small class sizes and dedicated instructors who have industry experience. Our student-to-faculty ratio gives you more direct contact with your instructors than at other institutions.

Our trades training programs have been developed in conjunction with industry and training partners to meet the current needs of the industry, so that you can step directly into the workplace.

The trades programs we offer reflect the demands of regional industry and business. We’ve conducted extensive studies to ensure our graduates receive in-demand training.

We’ll help you find a sponsor or employer for your next steps after graduating our program. While you’re training, our team will work diligently with employers in many sectors to ensure we match you with the right post-graduation placement.

Starting in January 2021, we will have two program sessions per trade, per year. Our intakes will be in January and July and registration will open approximately 5-6 months in advance of the start date. 

Explore our programs by selecting your preferred trade below:

I was introduced to GTTI’s Skilled Trades Institute after losing my job in the events/travel industry due to the impact of COVID-19.  I considered a career change to trades after spending plenty of my time in furlough completing various projects around the house.  After attending a virtual information session about GTTI’s program, I decided that carpentry was best suited to my interests and I submitted my application.


I am so pleased with my decision to be part of this program.  After only six weeks, I feel confident enough to build a shed on my own in the backyard.  The class size is perfect to facilitate plenty of hands-on learning and provide all students with the individual attention they require.  I enjoy hearing real-life stories from our experienced, highly skilled instructor, Kory.  I like that the program ties into the other trades that the institute offers, providing students with a good understanding of how everything fits together, ultimately turning us into skilled trade workers.  I look forward to later on in the program when we will have the opportunity to apply our new skills to building community housing in the local area. 


Thank you GTTI for selecting me to be part of this amazing experience!  I look forward to seeing where my new skills lead me.


Melissa Strange – Carpentry Student

Over 80% of students are from York Region

22% of enrolled students are women

70% of practical learning is delivered on campus